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Busshinnji temple

This site is about Busshinji temple which is located in Bodhgaya, Bihar (This is the place where Buddha reached enlightenment). Our temple also has lodging facilities which anyone can stay at anytime.

About the Busshinji temple

The Busshinji temple is recognised from Government of India as being in the public interest.
It was built in 2001 using donation from 1,232 Japanese donors called Busshinji Support Association, and now it is managed by 4 local staff. This temple is a a facility aimed at charity. Currently, our main activities are running a school and offering accommodation for people who would like to do ascetic training. We would like you to feel warm relationships between people which is hard to realize in a short-term travel.
Of course the accommodation is also available for short term.

Besides these activities, we are proud of our deep faith in Buddha and doing volunteer works and puja to deepen exchanges between India and Japan.
Even now we receives financial support from the Busshinji Support Association to make this facility being used by many people for many years.

Children school

Even in India, which is one of the top IT countries, there are a lot of poor children who can’t go to school even if they want to study.We founded a school in December 2003 to teach them how to read and write.
The school is from Monday to Saturday from 7am to about 1pm.
The subjects we are teaching are Hindi, English, and mathematics. They are divided into three classes by age.
There is time for a snack between classes and it is the children’s most favorite time. Of course there are some children who love studying, too.
This school and the Busshinji temple are both run by donations from Japan.
There are also donations from foster parents(including uniforms, textbooks, stationeries, snacks, and teacher’s salaries)and we can run these facilities thanks to cooperation from many people.
If you are staying our lodging, please observe classes and come in contact with the children. Also, if possible, could you help make their dreams come true by being a foster parent? The children’s shining eyes and friendly smiles are waiting for your support.


How to make a reservation
Please apply from the inquiry form.

Accommodation fee and other infomation
You must donate money to stay the lodging. Also, we set a schedule for members regardless of length of stay.
We would like to meet your demands, so please feel free to consult us at any time.

In the lodging, there are seven rooms with rest room and shower rooms. We can fit 3-4 people in a room. You may have to shere a room if there are many people.
Moreover, please follow our rules which are posted inside of the lodging.
Please donate with a merciful heart and stay with good manners.

Address : Mastipur,Bodhgaya,Gaya-824231,Bihar,India
Formal Name : Bushinji Public Charitable Trust
Ph : 0091-631-400830
Site : 1,700 ㎡(parking included)
Lodging : 1F 198㎡ Lobby, kitchen and three guest room 2F 133㎡ Four guest room
Rest room : seven rooms with rest room and shower rooms
Charge : Please donate

Entry Guide

On December 31st, 2000, “Busshinji Support Association” was established when the Busshinji temple was built. All the Busshinji Support Association members are proud of our deep faith in Buddha and doing volunteer works and puja to deepen exchanges between India and Japan.
Therefore, we would like more people to join to make the Busshinji be continued for many years. Thank you for your cooperation.

Support member : Annual membership One contribution ¥10,000
Cosponsor member : Annual membership One contribution ¥5,000
Foster parent member : Annual membership One contribution ¥10,000

We also appreciate general contributions. (Non-members can only make a general contribution. )